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Wallpaper, always pulled all the owners of computers. It’s so nice, including your favorite computer, to see not the empty windows desktop, but to admire, for example, the wonderful nature of the wild west, or the untouched corners of Siberia, or maybe you are a car enthusiast and can’t live without the look of your favorite car brand, or You are a fan of haute couture and prefer to see beautiful and slender fashion models.

Now on the Internet you can find a large number of wallpapers on your desktop in high resolutions, designed for widescreen monitors, because most users prefer to use just this type of monitor. But there is still a small part of users who still prefer to use conventional monitors.

Such users, of course, are also interested in desktop wallpapers. But what if a person with such a monitor comes across wallpapers designed for widescreen monitors? Usually, modern operating systems of the Windows family allow you to stretch or enlarge cropping the extra edges of the image, which is a definite plus.

But what if the object that you would like to see on the screen is in that very cropped edge of the image? There is certainly a way out in such a situation. You can manually correct the photo using the well-known Photoshop program.

The program is known to all and very popular among designers. It is constantly used by layout designers and webmasters. The rich features of the Photoshop program provide endless possibilities. This is a huge plus of this program. But there is a minus for such a graphic giant. She is paid. And the license for this program is not cheap. Not every network user can afford to buy such expensive software.

Given this feature of Internet users, a program was developed - a free image editor that almost completely repeats all the functions of this Photoshop program. The developers made this program available to all network users. Now this program got its name photoshop online has an interface with support in different languages and is available to everyone for free.

Now every network user can download any desktop wallpaper, even those that do not fit his monitor resolution. Because with the help of this free graphic editor you can change the resolution of a photo in two clicks of the mouse thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

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